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Paper cup, also known as disposable cup, is a commonly used container made of paperboard or cardboard. Its main purpose is to hold and serve beverages such as coffee, tea, or soft drinks. The paper used in the production of paper cups is usually coated with a thin layer of plastic or wax to make it resistant to moisture and leakage.

The design of a paper cup typically consists of a cylindrical shape with a conical top, allowing for easy drinking and preventing spills. It often includes a rolled rim for added strength and comfort while drinking.

Paper cups are widely used in various settings, such as offices, cafes, restaurants, and outdoor events, due to their convenience and disposability. They eliminate the need for washing and can be easily discarded after use, reducing the workload and promoting hygiene.

In recent years, paper cups have gained attention for their impact on the environment. While they are considered more eco-friendly than plastic cups, their production still requires the consumption of natural resources. Efforts are being made to develop more sustainable alternatives, such as biodegradable or compostable cups, to minimize the environmental footprint of disposable drinkware.

Overall, paper cups play a significant role in the food and beverage industry, providing a convenient and hygienic option for serving drinks on the go.

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